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If you are new to the Contract Audit System (CAS), please have your Agency Access Custodian request your User Id and temporary password by completing form DFS-A2-2098 and emailing it to audit.info@myfloridacfo.com.

If you have forgotten your password and need a password reset, send an email to audit.info@myfloridacfo.com.
Terms of Use
This site is a Florida state government site intended to capture and report accurate state auditing information. If you are not authorized to log into this system, exit now; do not make changes or download data. Instances of unauthorized access or modification may result in legal action.

As an authorized agency representative, you are responsible for the data entered by your agency in the form of an Agency Response. Authorized users are prohibited from sharing username and password information. All changes made in the system are recorded under each user’s account. The Department of Financial Services does not validate the content provided by each agency. Agency responses will be available to the public. Confidential, inaccurately redacted, or incorrect data loaded into the system is the responsibility of authorized agency representatives.